About Me

My name is Colleen Harris-Keith. I currently serve as a member of the library faculty and Information Literacy Coordinator for the CSU Channel Islands Broome Library. Having spent the last 11 years (eep) as a professional in academic libraries, I am obsessed with information literacy, undergraduate research, research methodology, and with the leadership development of academic librarians, particularly those who aspire to the directorship. You can find my full CV here.

When not training students to be the best researchers they can be or wowing my faculty colleagues with my response time, you can find me writing, playing with my basset hounds Otto the Grumpy and Igor the Goofus, attempting via yoga and various other hippie/alternative methods to counteract the physical effects of early-onset rheumatoid arthritis, studying for whatever the next degree on my bucket list is, or watching really terrible reality television with my Fabulous Husband, Jed. I blog about the various non-library aspects of my life over here.

Important: The views expressed on this site are mine alone, and are subject to change. My views do not reflect the opinion of my employer, and may, on occasion, make agents of said employer look at me askance.

Colleen S. Harris-Keith

Me, Colleen S. Harris-Keith. Hair color subject to change.

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