A Heartfelt Request

A heartfelt request to all of you budding young professionals out there on the job hunt:

Please do not use clip art in your resumes.

I am not sure for what sort of position that would be appropriate. I can’t think of any, offhand. Unless it is original art you’ve digitized and are including as proof of your skillz, but that is not what I am seeing.

Seriously. No clip art. And no fonts that look like kindergartener handwriting.

I thought Comic Sans was the worst. You’ve proven me wrong. For real, people. The mind, it boggles. And my eyes, they burn.


  1. You've read my mind.

    As an addendum, you can have a CV when you are a professional, but a recent graduate with only a Bachelors? Yeah, it's still a resume. It's not a CV just because you wanted to make it 3 pages long.


  2. Could we please also stop using clip art in PowerPoint slides? Or at the very least, could we stop using the same clip art that we were using in 1999? To be safe, let's just avoid the stuff that comes packaged with PowerPoint altogether.

    And as for resumes, I think we should avoid any kind of images. Sometimes a photo of yourself is necessary (and even then, it depends on the job), but beyond that, let's say no to images.


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