Who has a Library of Congress Authority Record?

Who has two thumbs and a Library of Congress Authority Record?

I Have a Library of Congress Authority Record! *points at self with thumbs* (You knew that was coming, right?)

Available for viewing here, but I’m just going to post the darn thing, as it is a personal triumph. One of those goals I said I wanted to hit by 30. (As I’m only 2 months into 30, I’ll fudge it and consider this achieved.)

LC Control Number: no2009123584
HEADING: Harris, Colleen S.
000 00387nz a2200145n 450
001 7981489
005 20090812005457.0
008 090810n| acannaabn |n aaa c
010 __ |a no2009123584
035 __ |a (OCoLC)oca08199861
035 __ |a (DLC)7981500
035 __ |a (DLC)no2009123584
040 __ |a ViU |b eng |c ViU
100 1_ |a Harris, Colleen S.
670 __ |a God in my throat, c2009: |b t.p. (Colleen S. Harris)

Big thanks to Anne, the Cataloging Goddess at NCSU who has not only kept me updated along the way, but delivered me printouts of my MARC record, of my book’s display in NCSU’s catalog, in WorldCat, and today emailed me about the authority record. Every writer should have their own personal cataloging angel to let them know when they’ve achieved immortality πŸ˜‰


  1. he does, but ships internationally by special order only. Contact Robert directly at bellowingark @ comcast.net and he can take your order by email, or he can give you the full price with shipping and you can send a cheque. Thanks for wanting a copy πŸ™‚


  2. *grin* For folks who are not close, I've offered to sign if they're willing to ship to me (in the US media rate is cheap). if it's easier for you to order a copy and have it shipped to me for me to then mail to you, we can do that too. My work address works well enough for that –

    Colleen, Assoc Head
    Access& Delivery Services,
    NCSU Libraries
    Box 7111
    Raleigh NC 27695.

    Toss a DM to me (as warmaiden) on twitter or friendfeed with the address you'd like for me to ship it to you at. Convoluted, I know, but as good as I can do until I get to visit Canadialand!


  3. I can't send you a DM on twitter as you aren't following me :p That was my original idea, to ask you via Twitter, but I had to resort to messaging this way. you can find me under acadian_jl


    PS Hope you're feeling better.


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