On Priorities: Tipping my Hat to Greg Schwartz & the UV Hiatus

A guy I’m proud to call a friend has made a difficult decision. Greg Schwartz has announced That Uncontrolled Vocabulary will be on indefinite hiatus as he re-prioritizes things in his life to maximize his happiness.

I’ve had the good fortune to participate in UV as a caller, and a blog post has shown up on the agenda, and it is a wonderful show where enthusiastic and engaged libraryfolk gather late on Wednesday nights (or listen to the cast later), and it’s been a raucous good time, and has made me think about some issues from new perspectives, or reminded me of issues coming up that are outside my sphere of expertise in the library world. I will miss the show, but happily have the contact info for many of the participants so I can bug them *grin*

While I’m sad to see the show go (and hope someone has the chutzpah to try to pick it up), I admire Greg greatly for prioritizing life items and ordering them accordingly. Lesser – or perhaps weaker – professionals don’t do this, and burn out, become miserable, or miss out on important moments in the lives of their families.

I believe nearly everything in life is a choice. If you dislike your circumstances, it’s up to you to change them. If you are unhappy, you bear the onus of creating your happiness. Usually, these aren’t simple or easily-made choices – they require sacrificing something we love (or like a whole lot) in order to better appreciate the things we love even more. I tip my hat to Greg for finding ways to better organize his life and priorities so that he is happier and healthier as a person. We should all be so proactive about our mental health and personal responsibilities!

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