Nerd Love and Librarians

Do YOU want to be a librarian? You should, after watching the music video.

The music video by HauntedLove, “I want to be a librarian,” was posted quite awhile ago, but I’d like to re-post it here, because it’s the most fabulous song about librarians ever. (Not to mention that they squish a problem patron in the movable stacks, which I have been tempted to do…muahahahaha.)

I want to be a librarian

I want to check out your books

Please give them to me

With the bar code facing up

Please don’t bring them back too late

or I’ll have to charge you fifty cents a day

(and you won’t like that)

I want to be a librarian

Wearing glasses every single day

Don’t you find me appealing

in a nerdy sort of way?

Please don’t talk so loudly




Meet me in the closed reserve

I’ll let you read all the new magazines

I’ll let you touch the first editions

If you promise me

If you promise me

If you promise me your hands are clean

(To all the folks who will get up in arms that this reinforces librarian stereotypes, I say: Shhhhh. You have no sense of humor. And if you watch the video, you’ll note that the patron was being a complete ass-hat. Yep, I’m that librarian who shushes people who get too rowdy – my academic library is a place for good, clean, QUIET fun. And by fun, I mean studying – not bodysurfing or air-guitaring while standing on a pile of my lovely bookses.)

So, there we go. Proof that we librarians do in fact wield considerable power, in addition to being dang sexy while putting up with dirty-fingered, gum-under-table-sticking, loud patrons. It’s nice to have that reminder in a world where we have little control over our budgets being slashed, work short-staffed and under-resourced, and are generally told that Google makes us obsolete.

Note to potential paramours: you do have to take me to dinner before I offer you a shot at the closed stacks. And FYI: nobody gets to touch the first editions, clean hands or not.

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